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Thursday, 22 Mar 2018



As a result of a research conducted among Italian companies with above-average performances between 2010 and 2016, #brevetticea has been nominated as a "Champion" company. 

The announcement was made at Milan Stock Exchange on March 16th, 2018. 

Friday, 14 Apr 2017



Brevetti C.E.A., leader among inspection machines manufacturers, returns to Interpack, THE event for the packaging industry!

From May 4th to 10th at Hall 16 Booth B16 Brevetti C.E.A. will express its inspection capabilities by presenting two automated inspection machines that cover almost the entire panorama of the pharmaceutical industry inspection requirements.

K32S – Freeze Dried Configuration

This master of inspection can cover a productivity range from 400 to 600 pieces per minute and it is available in multiple configurations for vials, ampoules and cartridges filled with pharmaceutical products (both liquid and lyo). During this show the machine will demonstrate the vision skills of Brevetti C.E.A. applied on a challenging freeze-dried product. The machine will also be equipped with the HGA option, a laser based device capable of detecting the presence of oxygen inside glass containers.

BH-S600 – Liquid Configuration

Conceived to satisfy the most demanding production lines, the “BH-S600” can inspect ampoules, vials and cartridges filled with liquid products at the maximum speed of 600 units per minute. Ground-breaking technologies, streamlined mechanics and impressive performances are just some of the key points of this outstanding inspection system.

RPV – Remote Parameterization and Validation

To complete the Company portrayal during Interpack exhibition, Brevetti C.E.A. will also present the Remote Parameterization and Validation tool, a feature which allows the remote configuration of new products with minimal machine downtime.

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth B16 located in Hall 16 to discover the latest Brevetti C.E.A. inspection news!

Monday, 20 Jun 2016



We are very pleased to announce the official opening of our New Corporation - BREVETTI C.E.A. USA, CORP. - based in New Jersey, US.

The new Company comes in response to proven demand for Brevetti CEA’s products in USA and it will allow the firm to better serve and more efficiently handle local Customers with greater project engagement in this important market.

"The new Company represents our commitment to growing our business and competing in the USA through direct sales force, technical support and enhanced service assistance," says Giovanni Ferrari, Brevetti CEA President.

Starting from June 1st 2016, the new facilities operate to reinforce Brevetti’s partnerships within the US territory.

Below are the complete details of the new operational office:


103 Carnegie Center, Suite 300,

Princeton - New Jersey 08540-6235

United States of America

Office # 318/319

Tel. +1- 609-955-3373

Contact Person: Mrs. Susan Calabrese


Thursday, 16 Apr 2015



Brevetti C.E.A. announces the launch of the new “BH-S600” high speed machine at ACHEMA 2015.

Brevetti C.E.A., leader among inspection machines manufacturers, is proud to announce the launch of the new high speed “BH-S600” machine.

Conceived to satisfy the most demanding production lines, the new “BH-S600” can inspect ampoules, vials and cartridges filled with liquid products at the maximum speed of 36.000 units per hour.

Ground-breaking technologies, simplified mechanics and remarkable value for money are just some of the strong points which distinguish the new pride and joy of Brevetti C.E.A.

With its state-of-the-art technology and a total re-designed look, the “BH-S600” will definitely be the undisputed protagonist of the upcoming Achema exhibition which will be held in Frankfurt from 15th to 19th June, 2015.

To complete the Company portrayal during Achema fair, Brevetti C.E.A. will also exhibit the machine K15-C200, a comprehensive syringes inspection solution.

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth E58 located in Hall 3.1 to discover the latest Brevetti C.E.A. news!


Monday, 05 May 2014



Brevetti C.E.A., leader among inspection machines manufacturers, today officially launches its new brand identity, inclusive of an evolved corporate logo, re-designed website, updated message platform and a more vibrant image scheme combination.

The updated brand identity represents the continuous Company's growth, overall vision and commitment to innovation and quality excellence.


The new logo adds dimension and motion to the previous symbol, reflecting the Company's total devotion to research and technological development. The renewed website brings Brevetti C.E.A. core values to the online space, showcasing a refreshed graphic, an increased availability of product information and improved ease of use.

This new re-branding reinforces Brevetti C.E.A.'s mission and position in the marketplace and it underlines the Company's focus on granting  quality, expertise and reliability to all its Partners and Customers. 

Wednesday, 09 Apr 2014

BREVETTI C.E.A. at INTERPACK in Düsseldorf



Interpack 2014 represents a significant step in Brevetti C.E.A.'s path. With a totally renewed brand identity, the Company officially presents the latest inspection solutions introduced in its product portfolio. Cutting-edge technologies combined with 60 years of experience are the basis of the new inspection systems which will be launched during the exhibition.

BL-S300 - High productivity for Large Volume

Robust construction, high productivity and reliable performances distinguish BL-S300 as the perfect response to the Large Volume Parenteral inspection requirements. Capable of covering the full range of LVP containers dimensions (from 100ml to 1000ml), BL-S300 is typically installed downstream from filling lines and upstream from labelling and packaging system. The application of groundbreaking technologies and a LVP dedicated software grant the same inspection capabilities obtained by the alignment of the vision systems, assuring high performances combined with lean mechanical design and reliability.

A50-450 - Advanced Inspection Technology

Designed as a further declination of the A50 machine, with its speed up to 450 pieces per minute, the A50-450 machine represents the first choice for high productivity processes for liquid pharmaceutical products. Capable of inspecting a wide range of containers, starting from 8mm up to 32mm diameter, the A50 compact and flexible design can also be enriched with an integrated High Voltage Leak Detection module.

BSA01 MF / ODMS / HGA / CA - Semiautomatic Inspection Solutions

Classified among the semi-automatic inspection systems, these devices represent useful tools in production processes for off-line verification and for kit test creation. Each device, designed to support the operator's daily activity and the laboratory research, has a specific function :

  • BSA01 MF for particles inspection;
  • BSA01 ODMS for optical density measurement,
  • BSA01 HGA for micro-cracks and pinholes detection,
  • BSA01 CA for product colour analysis.

Interpack 2014 exhibition will spotlight once more BREVETTI C.E.A.’s commitment to match Customer trust and expectations.

We invite you to visit us at our booth located in HALL 16, number B16.


Thursday, 27 Feb 2014



Fully responding to the Company continuous growth, the Board of Directors of Brevetti C.E.A. appoints as of February 2014 Mr. Massimo Frasson as the Corporate General  Manager.

After achieving a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Frasson has been working for several international companies in the automation industry. He joined Brevetti C.E.A. in the year 2000 as Mechanic Systems Design Manager. From 2004 he undertook the technical management of the Company and later on in 2007 he has begun the restructuring of Brevetti C.E.A.'s production. Since 2010 he has been responsible of the whole operations process .

Thanks to his management skills, Mr. Frasson will continue to support Brevetti C.E.A. in its business plan growth strategy.