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Fully responding to the expectations coming from the most advanced Pharma sectors, BREVETTI C.E.A. offers a complete range of automatic inspection machines for injectable pharmaceutical products contained in syringes, ampoules, vials, cartridges and bottles. These innovative machines are designed according to the newest and most comprehensive concepts that cover the entire BREVETTI C.E.A. product line allowing Customers to further enhance the recognized advantages of BREVETTI C.E.A. technology.


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With the aim of always providing a complete technological offer, Brevetti C.E.A. also includes in its product portfolio a selection of semiautomatic inspection solutions. Designed to support the operator's daily activity and the laboratory research, these systems grant a faster and more accurate inspection efficiency.

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A wide product portfolio of automatic and semi-automatic inspection solutions equipped with advanced technologies is available to meet Customer's inspection requirements. Our product navigator will help you to identify the machine you are looking for.