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Robust construction, high productivity and reliable performances distinguish BL-S300 as the perfect response to the Large Volume Parenteral inspection requirements.

Capable of covering the full range of LVP containers dimensions (from 100ml to 1000ml), BL-S300 is typically installed downstream from filling lines and upstream from labelling and packaging system.

The application of groundbreaking technologies and a LVP dedicated software grant the same inspection capabilities obtained by the alignment of the vision systems, assuring high performances combined with lean mechanical design and reliability.

Cutting-edge products combined with 60 years of experience in the pharmaceutical inspection industry are the basis of BL-S300 success.

    Main Features

    Container Diameter: Up to 110mm

    Particles, fill level and cosmetic inspection

    RPV Remote Parameterization & Validation

    Manual loading/In-line connection

    “Fail safe” reject verification system (Optional)

    21 CFR part 11 compliance for electronic records (recipes, batches/sub- batches, audit trail)

    Ethernet connection

    User friendly interface

    In-line connection to upstream and downstream equipments.

    Container type:


Basic Inspections

    • Fixed Particles
      Fixed Particles
    • Liquid Fill Level
      Liquid Fill Level
    • Floating Particles in Liquid
      Floating Particles in Liquid
    • Glass Fragments
      Glass Fragments
    • White particles
      White particles
    • Fibres
    • Black Particles
      Black Particles

Optional Inspections

    • High Precision Fill Level Control
      High Precision Fill Level Control
    • Data Matrix
      Data Matrix
    • Optical Character Recognition-Verification
      Optical Character Recognition-Verification
    • Alu Crimping
      Alu Crimping
    • Static Flip Cap
      Static Flip Cap
    • Airline
    • Body Craks
      Body Craks
    • Static Flip Off
      Static Flip Off
    • Crak on Neck
      Crak on Neck

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