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231 MODEL / Whistleblowing

At Brevetti CEA, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. As part of our ongoing dedication to transparency, integrity, and legal compliance, we are proud to introduce our implementation of the 231 Model, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231 of 08 June 2001.

The 231 Model represents a critical framework mandated by Italian legislation, designed to prevent unlawful conduct and promote a culture of compliance within organizations.
By integrating this model into our governance policy, we aim to fortify our internal controls, mitigate risks, and ensure adherence to legal requirements across all facets of our operations.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of providing avenues for our employees and stakeholders to report concerns or suspected violations of our governance policies. That's why we have established a dedicated Whistleblowing section, designed to facilitate the confidential reporting of any potential misconduct or breaches of ethical standards. Through this platform, individuals can raise their concerns without fear of retaliation, enabling us to address issues promptly and uphold our commitment to accountability and transparency.

Our commitment to the 231 Model and Whistleblowing underscores our dedication to ethical business practices and corporate responsibility. Through robust risk assessment, clear delineation of responsibilities, and comprehensive monitoring mechanisms, we strive to safeguard the interests of our stakeholders while fostering a culture of accountability and trust.