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Brevetti Cea

Since the late 1950s, Brevetti CEA has been manufacturing inspection machines for injectable pharmaceutical products. The company first concentrated on the production of semi-automatic machines until when, thanks to the intuition of the Owner, the production shifted its focus on fully automated inspection systems, which now represent the core business of Brevetti C.E.A.

Company milestones
Company milestones
  • 1957

    Foundation Year
  • 1958

    Launch of the first Semiautomaticinspection system
  • 1981

    Debut of the first fullyautomatic inspection machine
  • 1999

    Development of a proprietaryvision software
  • 2006

    Introduction of highspeed camera technology
  • 2013

    Application of highresolution camera technology
  • 2018

    Exploration of AI / MachineLearning / Deep Learning
  • 2020

    Integration of AI /Deep Learning Algorithmsin our inspection systems

A solid step into the future

Deep know-how, continuous investments in research and development, passion for innovation and machines' reliability surely represent Brevetti CEA strengths.

The first inspection machine for vials was launched in 1987

The machine vision system was “Nucleo”, a revolutionary technical approach to inspection methods based on the differential inspection of images (Image subtraction method). This technology has been developed and improved over the years, but still represents the basic principle for our machines.

The first machine for the inspection of pre-filled syringes was manufactured in 1992

Its production capacity was 6.000 pieces per hour.
In 2006 Brevetti C.E.A. applied the “High Speed Camera” technology on "K15-600" and "K32-600" machines, capable of inspecting 36.000 containers per hour and granting an acquisition of min. 24 images per each inspection device: by increasing the inspection frequency, the chances to seize defects is consequently increased.

Complex applications like vaccine and freeze-dried products.

This technology enables our machines to get real efficiency values that were believed to be impossible to reach, not only on standard products but also on complex applications like vaccine and freeze-dried products.

Continuous research and devotion

As a further proof of Brevetti C.E.A. total commitment to continuous research and devotion to vision applications, during the years the Company developed a sophisticated in-house vision system, which includes an owned library adaptable to all different inspection requirements.

A solid step into the future

Brevetti Cea is now introducing AI in inspection technology, a concept developed using an internal defects library based on more than 30 years of experience.

A history of growth
committed to inspection.

  • 1958

    Semiautomatic inspection 5A58
  • 1978

    Automatic inspection 5AE
  • 1981

    Fully automatic ATM18
  • 1985

    Automatic CCD cameras ATM 32
  • 1990

    Fully automatic for prefilled syringes STM15
  • 1997

    ATM32 Freeze Dryed
  • 2006

    H15 for syringes continuos motion 24 FPS Cameras
  • 2008

    Machine Performance 600 P.P.M
  • 2011

    No contact technology
  • 2012

    Human like inspection machine A1
  • 2013

    Large volume high speed BL-S300
  • 2015

    High speed BH-S600
  • 2018

    Third generation leak detection machine

We look forward
to welcoming you

The best way to get a feel of Brevetti Cea is to visit us. Learn about our inspection skills, talk to our experts and see our inspection machines in action. Contact our Marketing Department to come and visit us!
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