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Freeze-dried Products

Freeze-dried formulation, also known as lyophilization, is a meticulous process that involves freezing a liquid drug product and then removing its water content through sublimation. This method is favored for its ability to enhance the stability and shelf life of pharmaceuticals, particularly heat-sensitive or biologically derived compounds.

Freeze-dried Inspection

360° Cake inspection is performed thanks to a combination of different inspection units / views.
Cracked, melted cakes and extremely low fill-level can be successfully inspected by means of dedicated software features (combination of computer vision + deep learning techniques). Leak detection for container closure integrity can be performed with Head Space Gas Analyzer (laser-based solution).

Brevetti CEA
inspection solution

Brevetti Cea Automatic Inspection Machines

Our efficient and technologically advanced automatic inspection machines can reach the speed of 600 pieces per minute on liquid products, freeze-dried products and syringes.
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