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Insulin formulation includes the development and manufacturing of various insulin products used to manage diabetes. These formulations aim to replicate the body's natural insulin release, enabling diabetic patients to regulate their blood sugar levels effectively.

Insulin Inspection

Insulin product contained either in cartridges or syringes can be specifically approached based on the product apperances: suspensions and water-like. In case of suspension appereance, a pre-mixing phase is foreseen to homogenize the product prior to inspection. Air-blowing and humidity suction can be integrated to remove external humidity residuals.
Leak detection for container closure integrity by means of high voltage is available as an option.

Brevetti CEA
inspection solution

Brevetti Cea Automatic Inspection Machines

Our efficient and technologically advanced automatic inspection machines can reach the speed of 600 pieces per minute on liquid products, freeze-dried products and syringes.
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