Brevetti C.E.A. total commitment to research and innovation assures a continuous development of groundbreaking technologies. Conceived to constantly increase quality, reliability and efficiency, our technologies are available to integrate and complement Customer production and inspection processes.



Container integrity has always been an extremely important topic in the Pharmaceutical Industry as it represents one of the key factor for product's safety. The HGA device (Headspace Gas Analyzer) has been designed and manufactured to perform a fully automatic, in-line, non contact and non destructive inspection of containers filled with freeze-dried products or powder. Based on TDLAS spectroscopic technology, the laser is modulated in frequency to assure a more accurate, stable and reliable measurement. Light absorption is proportional to oxygen concentration in the optical path.

The system can discern oxygen-free (good) containers from the ones contaminated by oxygen due to leakage or process fault.

The installation of HGA leak detection unit in an automatic inspection machine integrates the classic detection capabilities of visual inspection and it represents the state-of-the-art in terms of leak detection in products filled under low oxygen concentration or modified atmospheres (nitrogen).


Container integrity has always been an extremely important topic in the Pharmaceutical Industry as it represents one of the key factor for product's safety.

Pinhole, cracks and pierced needle shield inspection can be detected by the well-known and widely proven HV principle based on the measurement of electrical conductivity of sealed containers using a high voltage electric field.
LD module is the synthesis of more than thirty years of Brevetti C.E.A. expertise in the fields of inspection and leak detection.

Available as stand-alone machine, it can also be used in combination with K32, A35 and A50-450 inspection machines, becoming the most compact and performing "Inspection Lines" for liquid filled ampoules, vials and cartridges available on the market.

For pierced needle shield and cracks defects, high voltage technology is available as a single station directly integrated in the syringes inspection machine.



O.D.M.S. device (Optical Density Measurement System) has been designed and manufactured in order to measure the turbidity of liquid products in transparent containers.

The system works using a non-invasive measurement method, suitable for turbidity analysis in ampoules, pre-filled syringes, cartridges and vials.

The optical density measuring unit is composed of a laser module, a sensor head and an embedded processing unit.

The inspection is performed by measuring the optical density of the solution in each container using a laser beam gun and a receiving photodiode sensor.



Colour is a vital source of information for molecules and materials in general. It intimately depends on molecular structure and a little variation in molecules shape or composition could change their spectroscopic properties. Oxidation, unwanted reactive contaminants in solution, thermal stress and UV degradation are some of the processes that could alter or damage a molecule.

The Spectrometer (Colour Analyzer) device measures a transmission spectrum for every analyzed container and compares it to a previously recorded reference one to detect possible product degradation and to implement anti-mix-up functions.
The inspection is performed by a dedicated station which can be easily integrated in Brevetti C.E.A. inspection machines.

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