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At Brevetti CEA, we understand that the success of your operations hinges on the seamless functioning of our equipment. That's why we offer a comprehensive package of after-sales services designed to keep your production lines running smoothly and efficiently.
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Headquartered in Italy and US, Brevetti CEA service teams are ready to respond promptly to your needs, ensuring a rapid and effective response to any inquiries or service requirements.
Committed to being a global partner, Brevetti CEA has strategically established satellite official service centers worldwide. These centers serve as hubs of expertise, manned by skilled professionals trained to deliver the same high standards of service you expect from Brevetti CEA.

Explore Brevetti CEA services section to discover the array of support offerings we provide, each meticulously crafted to enhance the reliability and longevity of your investment.

After - Sales

Our Global Service Centre Network is well-equipped to support your daily machine maintenance and tuning. Each local service centre is tailored to meet market demands, with full assistance from Brevetti C.E.A.'s Customer Support Services. We offer a comprehensive package of after-sales services, including customized solutions for specific operational needs and processes to maximize your investment.
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Spare parts

Thousands of Brevetti C.E.A. inspection machines are in operation globally, making us the preferred partner for successful investments. Using original parts is essential for machine reliability and availability. Our dedicated Spare Parts Team is ready to provide a customized Production Security Parts package to optimize stock, extend machine life, lower maintenance costs, and enhance efficiency and productivity.
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Preventive maintenance

To ensure proper machine maintenance, we offer a customized Preventive Maintenance package, minimizing breakdowns, reducing repair costs, and boosting profitability. When combined with our Production Security Parts package, Preventive Maintenance also provides an opportunity to share Brevetti C.E.A.'s expertise with your staff.
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Predictive maintenance

Our Integrated Predictive Maintenance (IPM) solutions detect and address potential machine failures before they happen, minimizing downtime. Brevetti C.E.A.'s IPM solutions enhance machine reliability, reduce maintenance expenses, and improve equipment availability. We offer two solutions:
  • Offline IPM: This involves accelerometer sensors integrated into the machine for periodic monitoring of critical components.
  • Online IPM: Our embedded 24/7 online condition monitoring system provides continuous automatic supervision of critical components directly on the machine's HMI.
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Remote solutions

Our Remote Service provides swift assistance for maintenance and breakdowns. Our Help Desk is ready for immediate support. Through Remote Assistance, our specialists can interact directly with the machine's HMI, allowing them to monitor, diagnose issues, troubleshoot, adjust parameters, and more in real-time. This minimizes downtime, reduces risk, and lowers costs. We also offer a "Remote Parameterization and Validation module" for product adjustments, production optimization, and false reject analysis, eliminating the need for on-site technical intervention.
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Embedded engineer

A Brevetti C.E.A. Embedded Engineer offers on-site support for various tasks, including preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, condition monitoring, performance analysis, and more. Here are the key benefits:

  • Obtain skilled resources to quickly and efficiently complete projects;
  • Reduce response time to equipment malfunctions and unplanned downtime;
  • Perform preventive maintenance as scheduled;
  • Reduce risk of performance problems and premature equipment failures;
  • Improve machine operator skills and internal troubleshooting capabilities;
  • Supplement operations / maintenance staff during peak workloads;
  • Fully protect Customer investment.
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Skilled staff grants high productivity results, cost reduction and process optimization. Brevetti C.E.A. qualified experts are available to share and transfer their know-how to Customer personnel. Our training programs are structured and developed according to specific needs and are aimed to transmit the required knowledge and skills to all participants.
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