The heart of Brevetti CEA is fully expressed in the new working framework “BREVETTI- INTELLIGENT-VISION“: an optimized integrated vision platform of consolidated and new technologies that enhances performance to a complete new level.

Optical Alignment

Advanced mechanical design guarantees precise optical alignment between cameras, lights and containers for superior detection performance. Fast container rotation is performed by controlled servo motors and can be independently adjusted according to each specific product.

High frame rate

High-resolution cameras acquire up to 100 images on each particle inspection unit. The high number of frames is the key to ensuring accurate detection and low risk of false rejects.

Multiple inspection

Particles detection based on image differentiation, thresholding and blob classification through physical features is now used in combination with Brevetti CEA Particle Trajectory Tracking based on background subtraction, blob extraction and motion prediction to reach higher efficiency and reduce false rejection. Supervised learning techniques are applied for bubble filtering.

Artificial Vision

Assisted machine learning tools for deeper understanding of the defects nature are applied in several Brevetti CEA inspections. Accurate parametrization has been highly simplified by introducing machine learning tools in the inspection software.

Smart hmi / Check all

A single intelligent proprietary HMI permits the complete overview of the machine. Flexible and intuitive, it simplifies the equipment use and reduces operation time. The new Brevetti HMI release grants real time live view of the inspection process, a user-friendly guided parameterization tool as well as the innovative capability of storing images of rejected containers to allow process and quality investigation.

Supercharge visual inspection with AI

As of today, Deep Learning can be easily considered the hottest topic in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Since 2018 Brevetti CEA embeds machine learning algorithms into the inspection machines software for particles detection, bubbles discrimination and cosmetic analysis.
Recently, in order to continue to improve the standards of inspection quality, Brevetti CEA acquired CRITERION AI, a Danish Company deeply specialized in image-based deep learning algorithms with an extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The merger between the already existing Deep Learning Division of Brevetti CEA and the Team of experts of Criterion AI gave birth to BREVETTI AI, a Brevetti CEA company, fully dedicated to artificial intelligence applications and solutions.
Brevetti AI makes use of the latest advancements in deep learning to better classify, segment and detect anomalies in images; it leverages the power of deep learning to decrease false rejection and increase detection rates for pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Brevetti AI has designed a ready-to-use powerful platform to support deep learning workloads such as a data management, model training and validation. The platform complies with CFR 21 Part 11 and GMP Annex 11.

A new inspection era has started!

Container Closure Integrity

Container integrity has always been an extremely important topic in the Pharmaceutical Industry as it represents one of the key factors for product's safety.
Brevetti CEA offers integrated and stand-alone leak testing solutions for liquid and freeze-dried pharmaceutical products based on different non-invasive, non-destructive testing methods:

High Voltage Leak Detection in Liquid (HV)

Pinhole, cracks and pierced needle shield inspection can be detected by the well-known and widely proven HV principle based on the measurement of electrical conductivity of sealed containers using a high voltage electric field. LD module is the synthesis of more than thirty years of Brevetti CEA expertise in the inspection and leak detection world. Available as stand-alone machine, it can also be used in combination with our inspection machines, becoming the most compact and performing "Inspection Lines" for liquid filled ampoules, vials and cartridges available on the market.

Head Space Gas Analyzer in Freeze-dried (HGA)

Based on TDLAS spectroscopic technology, the laser is modulated in frequency to assure a more accurate, stable and reliable measurement. Light absorption is proportional to oxygen concentration in the optical path.

The system can discern oxygen-free (good) containers from the ones contaminated by oxygen due to leakage or process fault.

The installation of HGA leak detection unit into an automatic inspection machine integrates the classic detection capabilities of visual inspection and it represents the state-of-the-art in terms of leak detection in products filled under low oxygen concentration or modified atmospheres (nitrogen).

Optical Density Measurement System (ODMS)

O.D.M.S. device (Optical Density Measurement System) has been designed and manufactured in order to measure the turbidity of liquid products in transparent containers.

The system works using a non-invasive measurement method, suitable for turbidity analysis in ampoules, pre-filled syringes, cartridges and vials. The optical density measuring unit is composed of a laser module, a sensor head and an embedded processing unit.

The inspection is performed by measuring the optical density of the solution in each container using a laser beam gun and a receiving photodiode sensor.

Spectrometer (CA)

Colour is a vital source of information for molecules and materials in general. It intimately depends on molecular structure and a little variation in molecules shape or composition could change their spectroscopic properties.

Oxidation, unwanted reactive contaminants in solution, thermal stress and UV degradation are some of the processes that could alter or damage a molecule.

The Spectrometer (Colour Analyzer) device measures a transmission spectrum for every analyzed container and compares it to a previously recorded reference one to detect possible product degradation and to implement anti-mix-up functions. The inspection is performed by a dedicated station which can be easily integrated in Brevetti C.E.A. inspection machines.

Difficult to inspect products

As a result of the continuous investments in research and development, Brevetti CEA has desgined an innovative automatic solution for the inspection of the so called “difficult to inspect” products, such as Cell Therapy products, IV Solutions Bags, Hyaluronic Acid, Albumin, Propofol, Iron sucrose etc.

This revolutionary concept merges the human into the automatic visual inspection, combining the advantages of motion and optics flexibility with the stability of inspection results. This allows the creation of a “humanlike” equipment with the possibility to vary the framing and to take advantage of the lighting sources that affect the image.

Thanks to a wide set of software tools, including a brand-new off-line setup mode to allow the parameters optimization phase completely off-line, the robot is a powerful system very easy to setup and validate.

Advanced Robotic Solutions

Our efficient and technologically advanced automatic inspection machines can reach the speed of 800 pieces per minute on liquid products and 600 pieces per minute on freeze-dried products and syringes.

Given the complexity and sensitivity of most of the pharmaceutical products, all Brevetti CEA systems grant smooth mechanical handling throughout the process. The integration of sophisticated no-contact handling solutions permits a fully automatic cycle, including de-nesting and re-nesting activities on both glass and plastic syringes.

Sales network

Brevetti CEA is present worldwide through its sales network and satellites service centers.

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