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Brevetti CEA
Visual Inspection

Automatic inspection transcends human limitations, detecting even minuscule defects, and offering real-time data and analysis. It guarantees higher levels of accuracy and repeatability, significantly reducing the margin for error

In today's fast-paced production environments, where volume and speed are paramount, automatic inspection is the key to maintaining quality and efficiency. Brevetti Cea has been a pioneering force in the world of automatic inspection solutions since the 1950s, revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry's approach to quality assurance, consistently delivering cutting-edge inspection systems designed to meet the exacting standards of this industry.

Thanks to the combination of innovative technologies and proprietary software, Brevetti Cea offers high levels of accuracy and performance that are unique in the world.

As you navigate through this section, you will gain insight into the innovative technologies that redefine industry standards. Brevetti CEA's commitment to advancing the frontiers of inspection is not just a promise; it is a tangible reality. Explore how Brevetti CEA technologies are reshaping the landscape of automatic inspection, and discover the potential of a future where perfection is not an aspiration but an expectation.

A Suite of innovative Technologies Redefining Inspection Excellence.

Brevetti AI Studio -
Supercharge Visual Inspection with AI

The continuous improvements and investments, which are part of Brevetti CEA identity, have led to the integration of AI technologies in the company’s portfolio products. The benefits of applying these new techniques involve detection performances, adaptive and intelligent methodology for developing new algorithms, better detection and classification of anomalies in images and, last but not least, an increased interaction between humans and machines.
In order to enable the usage of data-driven Deep-Learning or Machine-Learning algorithms to all Customers, Brevetti CEA developed an innovative and unique AI ecosystem of software components:
  • Brevetti AI Platform: a web-based workspace where data can be hosted, organized, labelled and fully traced in the cloud.
  • Brevetti AI Studio: a desktop application that can be used for training, evaluation and improvments of AI models, backend by Brevetti AI Platform or fully local according to customer requirements.
The platform allows to manage a huge variety of data by the creation of datasets and by the addition of metadata such as labeling on images.
Brevetti CEA HMI software is “Deep-Learning ready” which means it is ready to host AI inspection networks as well as traditional computer vision algorithms or a combination of them.
The platform complies with CFR 21 Part 11 and GMP Annex 11.

Vision Framework

The heart of Brevetti cea is fully expressed in the new working framework “Brevetti Intelligent Vision“: an optimized integrated vision platform of consolidated and new technologies that enhances performance to a complete new level.

Example of technologies

Optical alignment between cameras, lights and containers for superior detection performance.
Intelligent Vision Framework

Optical Alignment

Advanced mechanical design guarantees precise optical alignment between cameras, lights and containers for superior detection performance. Fast container rotation is performed by controlled servo motors and can be independently adjusted according to each specific product.

Artificial Vision

Assisted machine learning tools for deeper understanding of the defects nature are applied in several Brevetti CEA inspections. Accurate parametrization has been highly simplified by introducing machine learning tools in the inspection software.

High Frame Rate

High-resolution cameras acquire up to 100 images on each particle inspection unit. The high number of frames is the key to ensuring accurate detection and low risk of false rejects.

Multiple Inspection

Particles detection based on image differentiation, thresholding and blob classification through physical features is now used in combination with Brevetti CEA Particle Trajectory Tracking based on background subtraction, blob extraction and motion prediction to reach higher efficiency and reduce false rejection. Supervised learning techniques are applied for bubble filtering.

Smart HMI

A single intelligent proprietary HMI permits the complete overview of the machine. Flexible and intuitive, it simplifies the equipment use and reduces operation time. The new Brevetti HMI release grants real time live view of the inspection process, a user-friendly guided parameterization tool as well as the innovative capability of storing images of rejected containers to allow process and quality investigation.


Brevetti CEA cutting-edge technologies are not just tools; they are the very essence of the company commitment to redefining inspection excellence.
These technologies have been meticulously integrated to successfully overcome the challenges typically encountered in automatic inspection processes.

Example of technologies

Designed to simplify the often complex and time-consuming process of recipe parameterization
Simple plus
Crafted with precision and engineered for efficiency, Simple Plus is your gateway to streamlined parameterization. Designed to simplify the often complex and time-consuming process of recipe parameterization, this tool represents the future of intuitive and user-friendly recipe management.
Meniscus Plus
Powered by cutting-edge vision software, Meniscus Plus is the answer to previously insurmountable inspection challenges. The meniscus, often a complex zone to scrutinize, is now easily and comprehensively inspected thanks to a dynamic segmentation and tailored vision software features.
Bubble plus
Differentiating between bubbles and particles is nothing short of critical. With Brevetti CEA revolutionary Bubble Plus, this complex task is executed with unprecedented precision. Say goodbye to false rejects and hello to a new era of precision!
Roi plus
This tool is a testament to the harmonious fusion of human and machine as it empowers the operator to easily and quickly draw and define directly on the HMI the specific region to be inspected. Multiple shapes to draw the ROI are now available and a complete fusion between AI and computer vision can be applied!
Digi Twin Plus
Envision a seamless world where you can mirror your machines to process images, parameterize recipes, and investigate defects - all without interrupting your production activities. With Brevetti CEA Digi Twin Plus, operators can experiment, fine-tune, and improve the process in a controlled environment, making adjustments and discovering new insights without impacting your production line.